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Google Play vs iTunes Store: the giants of online music

If there are indeed two major players in the music industry is iTunes from Apple and Google. These two high-tech giants are revolutionizing our daily relationship with music. Zoom on these behemoths.

iTunes gift card

There are still a few years, it was unthinkable to buy music online. The peer-to-peer platforms were legions and Hadopi had not imposed its rules. But then, Apple in good visionary, decided to invest in the music industry and going against conventional wisdom. Yes, the user is ready to buy mp3 online, it is still necessary to know the sale. Listener support with the launch of the iPod, the iTunes sales platform, Apple had the means of its ambitions. Today, with the success of the iPhone, the fire company Steve Jobs has succeeded.

Google Play Store: the largest music library

Like Apple, Google is not from the world of music. The Mountain View Company is primarily the first search engine in the world. However, the company decided to diversify by offering multimedia and music content. Google Music Google Play Music, the library expanded its catalog of titles to become the largest online music platform. By visiting Play Store, you have access to over 30 million files to download or listen to streaming.

google play store

Music distribution: the war of the Titans

We have already seen the importance of distribution in the marketing process of a musical work. The advantage of platforms such as iTunes and Play store is that they have a reputation as their battle cry goes beyond communication. For sale, it must offer the user an easy and secure way to buy music. Get google play gift card generator from here.

iTunes Apple Store: iTunes gift card

Apple was one of the first actors of the musical web to offer a simple and fun means of payment: the gift card. Indeed, many users are reluctant to enter their bank details over the Internet. With iTunes gift cards, you deal directly with Apple. You buy a supermarket card or on the internet (see site) and you get a good credit in iTunes. This balance also allows you to purchase other multimedia products (applications, videos …). No wonder that the model has quickly taken over.

At Google, we’re in no hurry. The idea of the gift card had already filled the coffers of Apple that Google put it very gradually. It was only in 2014 in France, as the first Google Play gift cards were available at Carrefour. A year later, this method of payment has become more widespread, it is even possible to buy google play his card over the Internet through sites like or in hypermarkets (Carrefour, Auchan …). Like iTunes, the amounts range from € 15-50 (or up to € 100 if you buy your Google Play code online or use our online google play gift card generator 2016 ).

What is my interest as an artist?

As we have said previously, iTunes and Play Store has unparalleled visibility on the net. Be present on both platforms can help you know or at least, to sell your music. Obviously you will be drowned amidst much known artists. But in terms of shopping experience, once the user is acquired to your cause, it will be easier to sell to Google Music or iTunes on a small amateur website. Contrary to many artists starting out think, it is not impossible to distribute his music on these platforms. Moreover, we began a series of articles on how to sell their music on iTunes. We will begin a second set with Google Play. Stay connected !

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