Pack Xbox One 500GB + Amazon Gift Card € 100 + Gears of War (download) to € 299

Have you € 300 in your account? Buy this Xbox One! Not only will you have the console with Gears of War Ultimate, but also, you will be credited with € 100 on your Amazon account! You can buy what you want with these € 100 on Amazon, so this is an excellent offer … Take the opportunity to check the balances on their website!
Did you intend to buy the Xbox One?
So here is the last “good plan” for Amazon, which offers for its purchase a free amazon gift card for € 100 at
This concerns the acquisition of the pack Xbox One 500GB + Gears of War Ultimate Edition € 299.
Ultimately, the package cost is 199 €, since the € 100 gift card will allow you to buy a whole bunch of games that can accompany it (ex: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Forza or even 6 …).
Anyway, click here to view the right plan or prospect on what you will do with the € 100 gift card.
In this period balances, the Microsoft Xbox One sees its price fall. Amazon even offers € 100 gift card; the perfect time to equip themselves for less!
As a reminder, this new generation of console successor to the Xbox 360. It has an AMD processor with eight cores, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a graphics chip clocked at 853 MHz and 500 GB of storage. Regarding the design of Xbox One is not in finesse, it also looks at certain angles in a slightly modernized VCR. Anyway, it will be a perfect gift under the tree!
If you are interested in the Xbox One the attractive price of € 299, visit this July 7 on Amazon!
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Feature: Windows 10 Having Many Different Aspects or Features


Microsoft has just released the final version of Windows 10. From the Threshold and this leap in the version of the OS project, the Redmond company has tweaked month after month the latest version of its OS.

It must be said that the stakes are high: to seduce both individuals and businesses. For this, Microsoft has corrected the mistakes of Windows 8, made a clean sweep of the past, replacing its flagship Internet Explorer browser by Edge. Features hand, we note the presence of a mini office suite Office basic but free, enhanced security and authentication. Finally on the tariff plan, Microsoft put on an advantageous business strategy. Writing an update on these elements.

OS With Effective Metro Layout:

Windows 10 brings a lot of new features, some of which should greatly interest businesses. Starting with the return of the start menu, which will facilitate the migration from OS like Windows 7.

However, this is not the start menu as you knew. The left side provides links to the most used applications, those newly installed and basic user files directory. At right are the thumbnails of the Windows Welcome screen. You can put widgets, applications and folders, but no documents (damage). These thumbnail, you will also find them when you are in tablet mode. The transition from one mode to another will therefore be seamless.


A Very Effective Microsoft Office:

Other interesting developments: the arrival of Cortana search system, accepting queries expressed in natural language; the center of notifications, well thought out; the icon ‘active applications’ that manages virtual applications and desktops. Virtual offices are the other big news of Windows 10. Particularly complete, they are easy to use and provide a real plus in terms of productivity.

With Windows 10, Microsoft wants to replace the traditional desktop honored. Oversimplified Windows 8, he returned here in a undeniably enriched form compared to Windows 8 … but also over Windows 7. It will even serve as a vehicle to applications Modern UI, which now engage in office windows.

The extinction and configuration options are now more accessible. A little too much even for the preferences, you will find liveried Modern UI in the start menu and in the center of notifications, but also classic version from Explorer. The old users will be thrilled, because Windows 10 does not detract. It only adds new tools over those used previously. The neophyte will get lost, however.

An example is application management. In its classic version, it does not include the Modern UI apps. On the Windows Store, applications not from the Store are not listed. Finally, in the new control panel, you will find classic and Modern UI apps side by side, including those present by default in the system and can not be removed, which overloads the list without reason.



OS With Real Lightweight Multi devices:

With Windows 8, Microsoft had made the mistake of too much leverage mode ‘Metro’, to the detriment of the desktop. This will not be the case with Windows 10, which clearly separates the two environments.

The OS has a real desktop mode, with its start menu and the ability to launch universal applications in windows. More Mixing and therefore between the desktop and tablet modes. Note the opening match of a very powerful gateway.

In Desktop mode, we find:

  • Windows 8 thumbnails in the start menu;
  • Universal applications in windowed mode;
  • A virtual desktop manager.

In tablet mode, everything is automatically switched to:

  • The thumbnails on the home page;
  • The full screen apps;
  • An application manager.




The similarity is obvious and immediate transition. Note that the classic Windows applications will be supported directly by the tablet mode ,although some bugs were found during our test with the latest build of Windows 10.

A truly universal OS : Windows 10

Depending on the terminal, desktop mode may not be present. On smartphones, for example. However, and this is another novelty of Windows 10, a single OS will be offered on all terminals formats: x86 PC; x86 or ARM tablets; x86 or ARM smartphones. The presence or absence of so fashionable desktop will not be limited by the OS installed, but by the size of the machine, and the choices made by the manufacturer.

With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, applications have become universal. With Windows 10, this treatment is applied to the OS itself. What greatly facilitate the work of developers. The system will even accompany gateways to transform Android and iOS applications in Windows titles.

It also goes upmarket with new targets as the Internet of Things. Certainly, we are not talking about a full and independent OS, but a subset for deploying Windows applications connected on embedded motherboards, like the Raspberry Pi 2 for example. Again, the work of developers will be facilitated by the proximity between the classic version of Windows 10 and Windows 10 IoT Core.


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