Electric hair removal facial (upper lip, chin, eyebrows): our tests and reviews

Many of you have rightly pointed out to me before passing a final solution, it is common to start by using different techniques at home.

So I decided to carry out several tests to determine with several users the best models available in the market.

And here I deliver results of best epilator review.

Of course, for this part of the body, I know not recommend opting for the final electrolysis, particularly for the chin area where hair can tend to push harder.

Electric epilator for the face: Technology

In doing my research, I discovered a true technology: simply put, electric epilators are powered by a rotary epilator that clamp and tear the hair at the root.

If they all operate on the same principle, the fact remains that they each have their specificities:

  • some models numb with cold,
  • others have small massage pins that make less painful hair removal (perfect for cozy women including myself part).
  • others are waterproof and can be used in the shower or have a built-in light.

As for me, I was looking above all the speed, efficiency and good quality / price ratio. So I have deliberately not mentioned models that do not meet these criteria.

Regarding pain

For those who think they are plucking feel anything, I have to prevent: the zero pain does not exist. The first sessions are often painful then prefer cold or massage option, which still attenuate pain.

An additional small board and not least the higher your electric epilator rotary clamps possess, the more it may be painful at least during the first few uses. At the same time, he will have more and more it will be effective and fast …

To you manage according to your sensitivity!

It left for the tests!


3 Epilating techniques tested on face

Still often dethroned by the beauty institute, waxing or electrolysis see manual waxing, there are some products on the market designed specifically for the face. They are few and some can be expensive.

Do not forget that facial skin is very fragile, so avoid ironing over twice on the same area. The best is one pass per week and especially to moisturize the skin after.

As for the pain, it is certainly mitigated by cold or other methods, but the face is still the face …

Test 1: Epilator BRAUN Silk Epil Face 810

The Rolls electric epilators designed for the face!

BRAUN Silk Epil Face 810 Another plus: the brush for gentle exfoliation. It can be used to remove make-up every day, much like a salon treatment, but home! It appears from his shower with a clean, soft skin, ready to be creamed!

It works with one AA battery and can be used in the shower (wet & dry epilator).

The design is nice, color silver and white too. Its size tweezers specially designed for the different areas of the face makes it very easy to handle.

Conclusion: easy and convenient to use, the 2 in 1 (hair removal and skin cleansing) is a definite plus.

The only snag is the price, within 70 euros … And we must take into account the fact that it plucks the face, it will take another epilator for the other area of the body.

Test 2: Philips HP6365 / 03 Epilator SatinTouch

Undeniably one of the cheapest, this electric epilator can be used on all sensitive areas of the face (chin, upper lip, eyebrows …) but also for small areas such as the bikini or armpits.

Philips HP6365 / 03 Epilator sensitive areas

At the level of pain, it is a “bit down” by the rapid rotation of the blades.

Its small head allows the use on small areas of the body, particularly on the difficult places.

Conclusion: Undeniably the cheapest, its low price makes it particularly attractive. Small, practical, perfect for the holidays! 😉

By cons, first flat, it may take several passes over the same area and some hairs can break … 2nd flat, it is sold depilatory several areas of the body but given its size I would not recommend it for waxing legs.

And do not forget to provide batteries!

Test 3: The Philips HP6540 / 00 multi-purpose

We had already spotted and had been well noted in the article where we were looking for the best epilators underarm.

Epilator armpits and sensitive areas Philips HP6540 / 00 Similarly, he had also stood out although when we were looking for the best epilators difficult areas like hair removal bikini.

It was therefore not very surprising to see the Philips HP6540 / 00 highlight once again positively to the result of our tests on facial hair removal 😉

Reminder of the main features:

  • Epilator head off large areas of tweezers (like legs)
  • Wireless mini epilator
  • Clamp with integrated light and mirror

Minor drawbacks:

Quite painful … but it was never pleasant either tweezers to believe.

Several passages necessary for the legs

Conclusion: Always a small cost and high capacity, for soft skin everywhere 😉!

Test 4: Epicare

I did as electric epilators and yet … Inspired by hair removal thread, Epicare seems to delight more than one!

Epicare facial hair removal

It must be said that for a cheap price, it plucks the down on your upper lip and cheeks very easily.

Epicare is also used for the chin, forehead and neck!

However, do not pluck your eyebrows, you may no longer be at all! As always, we are told that it is painless, which is not quite true.


Tip: Before waxing, pass an ice cube on the affected area and then to dry thoroughly before using the Epicare.

So, you find your happiness?

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For Beginners: How to Use a Rowing Machine

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As a beginner to a rowing machine workout, you’ll want to make sure there isn’t much resistance to the first few strokes you’ll make with the machine. These first few strokes are to ensure that you’re mastering the proper posture and techniques to work out each of the body’s muscles without worry of injury to yourself. With multiple videos and written instructions, you’ll be a pro in no time at all. The proper technique involves having your back straight without shoulders slumping even when you’re leaning back or forward, having your legs straight without locking the knees on the drive portion of the stroke, and your arms extended or bent depending on the position of the stroke you’re in.

As you gain confidence in your technique, you’ll become more and more ready to add resistance to your workout so you can get the most out of your time on the rowing machine. Most rowing machines have multiple levels of resistance that depends on the type of rowing machine. Your resistance level will depend on your own capabilities of pushing yourself to that resistance’s threshold and beyond to the next one until you reach the maximum.

During this time, you’ll want to ensure you’re using every muscle you can within your strokes on the rowing machine. By using all of your muscles, you’ll ensure that the workout is working on your body by creating leaner, firmer muscle masses and dropping the excess weight you wish to drop like a bad habit.

One of the finals uses for this machine is to set goals for yourself as you get more comfortable with the machine and how it handles. These goals can be the distance you want to cover with your rowing machine whether it’s in kilometers or miles as well as the pace you set for your strokes, increasing the number of strokes you complete within a minute interval. As you build yourself into a stronger, healthier person, you’ll find you can handle more and more strokes within your time intervals, travelling greater distances in a shorter amount of time.

As you begin your journey into weight loss and routine exercise with a rowing machine, you should ensure you’re using proper techniques in order to prevent injury and to get the most of your exercise routine. You’ll also want to build up your routine through the use of the resistance levels available with your machine. As you work your way through, you’ll find yourself building up your strength and expertise into a healthier habit and lifestyle than you had previously.

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