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6 tips for getting started with the Clash Royal spinoff of Clash of Clans

If you are an experienced Clash of Clans, you will quickly get hold of Clash Royale if it is not already. If you just starting to play this new strategy game, here are 6 tips to help you quickly earn points and climb the steps.

Play the card of patience

1. Contrary to what to do in Clash of Clan, be patient in Clash Royale;

2. Wait until you have a score of 10 before starting your units to attack the enemy base;

3. Thus, you have the right defensive units placed in strategic locations.

Protect your hero

To claim victory in Clash Royal, remember to protect your assets (your hero). To do this :

1. Secure your baby dragon, your giant and your prince;

2. Put rather Goblins and online Barbarians front so that your hero can attack in the best conditions;

3. Note that the Musketeers and the Valkyries are best placed to ensure the protection of your heroes. read more here at BadgamesInc.

Take action as appropriate

1. Clash Royale, know make good decisions;

2. If the enemy troops are approaching your base; push them using your best tactics of attack;

3. When pushed, adopt a more defensive technique to save the maximum of your items.

Go on a quest card

To develop your army, you will need maps, many cards. For it :

1. Unlock chests;

2. Join a clan;

3. Ask for donations of cards of other clans.

Vary your troops

In this game, your troops are more varied, more effective they are. To make this possible:
Be creative and test different combinations of characters in your assaults;
After several attacks, you will definitely find the best combination.

Enjoy free coffers

Do everything to get the maximum safe. To do this, there is no one answer. Go back into the game at least every 8 hours, for free boxes are distributed every 4 hours.

Here are some tips of attack:

Be patient and keep a cool head. There is no need to rush especially early in the fight. Keep your elixir to send multiple cards simultaneously or defense when needed. Send units sparingly returns to sacrifice. However, if your opponent does not play, and you’re stuck at 10 elixirs, do not wait anymore, you spoil resource.

The cons attack is often a good option for that you need to know its cards to eliminate high cards by linking weaker cards with your turns, spending less elixir you can replace offensive cards faster than your opponent.

Somewhat in the same kind of ideas, enjoy an enemy attack to attack the other side. For this technique it is for you to gauge the number of elixir that your opponent has played and what defense you will suffice.  This is how clash royale hack tool no survey works. Playing such weak cards such as skeletons, goblins lance or the Archers, who associated with turrets can contain high cards. During that time, place strong cards on the other side and your opponent will not have the resources to contain them.

Like many players place shacks goblins and gravestones at the beginning of the game. In fact, if he does not associate with other troops they are almost harmless. So it is often better not to deal with it and check here for more.

Combine your cards between them, the basic principle must be associated melee cards (valkyrie, Prince giant P.E.K.K.A Knight …) with remote cards (Archers, Witch, Princess …). Like that first protect the seconds as they deal damage.

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