Legit way to get working PSN codes for Playstation

There’s been a lot of buzzes lately on how to get a hold of elusive PSN redeemable cards without having to fork out the cash. I recently stumbled upon a way to achieve a FREE $20 or $50 PSN Card, and if you’re willing to put in a little work and have a little patience, you can grab some of your own. The best part?
No credit card is needed!
If you’re something like me, you apparently found tons of games on the Playstation Network that you want. My list came up to over $400 bucks! Though getting $400 worth of the FREE PSN cards is a little unrealistic in the short run, I can at least put a nice dent in that amount. I’ve been going at it for about two weeks now, and I’ve already gotten one $20 PSN code, and I’m working on another./p>
Click Here to go to the PSN Code supplier’s website and Create your FREE account No credit card needed
Be sure to click “Free Offers, ” and you’ll see how many points you’ll get
It just takes a little time, about5-10 mins each and they can give up to 60 points
I know you’re probably skeptical, but if you don’t believe me, just sign up and complete one that has a HIGH Approval Rate and VERY FAST Approval Time. You’ll see your points get added to your account within minutes after finishing it.
However, you’ll probably want to create a junk email, as you’ll be receiving a lot of it. Enjoy! On average, if you’re persistent, you could probably have your first $20 Playstation Network Code within 1-2 weeks. LEGITIMACY
Since skepticism is probably a big issue, the following will outline some proof points on how it works. When you register and validate your email with Points2Shop, you will get an automatic 250 points credited to your account as a newbie; this is equal to $2.50 credit. This is enough to cash in 100 of your points and receive $1.00 via postal service. Obviously, you’re not going to make a living cashing in a dollar at a time, but this is Points2Shop’s way of proving to you that you are receiving compensation. Of course, our main objective is to save up the points and get our free PSN codes! Click here to register with Points2Shop

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