agar io hack

Agar io Guide to Unlimited mass

Agar io compromise is a browser game that’s also available for iOS. The main objective is always to perform online with players as you try and become the biggest cell of these all. Essentially, you’re a tiny circle that needs to eat circles smaller than you. The larger you grow, hence larger circles you can eat to develop actually larger, the more groups you consume. Nevertheless, you then become not faster the larger you become, rendering it harder to consume smaller, faster players. This fascinating game which has stormed the world of gambling is also on cellular devices that use iOS and Android.

The game is, to gather as numerous factors. We gather them yourself treating in a players we are smaller than who substantial or a small group. In this way the factors are taken by us, and he wants to begin accumulating again. This Agar io Hack game the wheel with spikes, in which we are able to hide in the early game against gamers who cannot use them. Players by not crashing, who are substantially larger compared to the wheel with surges simply. This way, smaller, faster players break up into many parts that are smaller, making them easy prey for some other gamers. Another fascinating part of the game is the skill of our wheels if we’ve points that are little we’re more rapid than players who assembled more factors than us. This will not suggest that we’re not dangerous, nothing could be more incorrect if the participant is enough grown-up can throw away half of the points in really minor player’s direction and thus earn his points. After some time, tossed by the participant factors could be re-absorbed by the player if somebody doesn’t get it done before him ejecting the. You might also dispose of their little quantity of points that lead to the fact that wheels touched with spikes and dropped apart. What’s going to offer us a secure position to withdraw or simply the seeker becomes the hunted.

Agar io compromise on Hack Features

SPEED: with pace hack attribute it is possible to develop your pace when you are moving to slow. I suggest one to work with it when your score is higher. If you are using it when your score is less than 150 you are going to go too fast and will be caught.

DOUBLE SIZE: may double your score within every tissues you take in. Should you consume tissues that are small your rating will increase by 1, but when this feature is stimulated score will be raised by 2 within every cell. Therefore, in this way 5 eaten cells means a score of 10, instead of 5.

INVISIBILITY: likely the best feature of the agar hack. With invisibility function you can set opacity for the cell up to -10. In this way, other gamers will soon be more difficult to observe you. See: this hack works more effectively when your cell color is yellow and without username set.

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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Download Instructions

Players can now download the application iFruit GTA 5, available for iPhone and iPad. With this tool we can customize our cars whenever we want or choose to train Chop, the mascot of Franklin. Then all the details.

Applications could not miss a title like Grand Theft Auto V. Realizing its potential, the developers allow players to take out party of these tools and to manage aspects of the title from their smartphones or tablets. In this case, the tool is called iFruit and Rockstar has confirmed its availability in the Apple Store, for free.

Download this tool will allow us to customize our vehicles and implementing numerous improvements, both aesthetic and mechanical level. In turn, we can enter into Rockstar Games Social Club or keep abreast of what’s happening in Life Invader, social network title. But also will make iFruit Chop in our mascot, because we care for, teach it tricks and entertain us with his company, as a virtual pet.

As reported by Rockstar, to pay attention, we can benefit from improvements in the game, getting better trace-quite helpful in finding items-, or be able to make effective maneuvers. As mentioned, you are ready to download, and free.

Regarding GTA 5 Free Download PC, players eagerly await its release, scheduled for tomorrow, September 17. Although, as you know, there are players who already own the game, as different stores decided to skip official embargo and provide the title ahead of time, something that has not sit well with Rockstar and players who have booked their title and survive the spoilers seen on the Web.

Stay tuned, because soon we will publish our analysis, with all the strengths of the title. A game destined to change the course of the scene and position itself among the best-selling titles of the year thanks to the attractions offered, its wide map that shows the depth and its narrative development.

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Electric hair removal facial (upper lip, chin, eyebrows): our tests and reviews

Many of you have rightly pointed out to me before passing a final solution, it is common to start by using different techniques at home.

So I decided to carry out several tests to determine with several users the best models available in the market.

And here I deliver results of best epilator review.

Of course, for this part of the body, I know not recommend opting for the final electrolysis, particularly for the chin area where hair can tend to push harder.

Electric epilator for the face: Technology

In doing my research, I discovered a true technology: simply put, electric epilators are powered by a rotary epilator that clamp and tear the hair at the root.

If they all operate on the same principle, the fact remains that they each have their specificities:

  • some models numb with cold,
  • others have small massage pins that make less painful hair removal (perfect for cozy women including myself part).
  • others are waterproof and can be used in the shower or have a built-in light.

As for me, I was looking above all the speed, efficiency and good quality / price ratio. So I have deliberately not mentioned models that do not meet these criteria.

Regarding pain

For those who think they are plucking feel anything, I have to prevent: the zero pain does not exist. The first sessions are often painful then prefer cold or massage option, which still attenuate pain.

An additional small board and not least the higher your electric epilator rotary clamps possess, the more it may be painful at least during the first few uses. At the same time, he will have more and more it will be effective and fast …

To you manage according to your sensitivity!

It left for the tests!


3 Epilating techniques tested on face

Still often dethroned by the beauty institute, waxing or electrolysis see manual waxing, there are some products on the market designed specifically for the face. They are few and some can be expensive.

Do not forget that facial skin is very fragile, so avoid ironing over twice on the same area. The best is one pass per week and especially to moisturize the skin after.

As for the pain, it is certainly mitigated by cold or other methods, but the face is still the face …

Test 1: Epilator BRAUN Silk Epil Face 810

The Rolls electric epilators designed for the face!

BRAUN Silk Epil Face 810 Another plus: the brush for gentle exfoliation. It can be used to remove make-up every day, much like a salon treatment, but home! It appears from his shower with a clean, soft skin, ready to be creamed!

It works with one AA battery and can be used in the shower (wet & dry epilator).

The design is nice, color silver and white too. Its size tweezers specially designed for the different areas of the face makes it very easy to handle.

Conclusion: easy and convenient to use, the 2 in 1 (hair removal and skin cleansing) is a definite plus.

The only snag is the price, within 70 euros … And we must take into account the fact that it plucks the face, it will take another epilator for the other area of ​​the body.

Test 2: Philips HP6365 / 03 Epilator SatinTouch

Undeniably one of the cheapest, this electric epilator can be used on all sensitive areas of the face (chin, upper lip, eyebrows …) but also for small areas such as the bikini or armpits.

Philips HP6365 / 03 Epilator sensitive areas

At the level of pain, it is a “bit down” by the rapid rotation of the blades.

Its small head allows the use on small areas of the body, particularly on the difficult places.

Conclusion: Undeniably the cheapest, its low price makes it particularly attractive. Small, practical, perfect for the holidays! 😉

By cons, first flat, it may take several passes over the same area and some hairs can break … 2nd flat, it is sold depilatory several areas of the body but given its size I would not recommend it for waxing legs.

And do not forget to provide batteries!

Test 3: The Philips HP6540 / 00 multi-purpose

We had already spotted and had been well noted in the article where we were looking for the best epilators underarm.

Epilator armpits and sensitive areas Philips HP6540 / 00 Similarly, he had also stood out although when we were looking for the best epilators difficult areas like hair removal bikini.

It was therefore not very surprising to see the Philips HP6540 / 00 highlight once again positively to the result of our tests on facial hair removal 😉

Reminder of the main features:

  • Epilator head off large areas of tweezers (like legs)
  • Wireless mini epilator
  • Clamp with integrated light and mirror

Minor drawbacks:

Quite painful … but it was never pleasant either tweezers to believe.

Several passages necessary for the legs

Conclusion: Always a small cost and high capacity, for soft skin everywhere 😉!

Test 4: Epicare

I did as electric epilators and yet … Inspired by hair removal thread, Epicare seems to delight more than one!

Epicare facial hair removal

It must be said that for a cheap price, it plucks the down on your upper lip and cheeks very easily.

Epicare is also used for the chin, forehead and neck!

However, do not pluck your eyebrows, you may no longer be at all! As always, we are told that it is painless, which is not quite true.


Tip: Before waxing, pass an ice cube on the affected area and then to dry thoroughly before using the Epicare.

So, you find your happiness?

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How to use Instagram to boost your brand?

Instagram provides a spectacular segmentation to your end customer, makes him part of the content and above all makes you reach the public in a different way: Getting Down to the eyes.

Instagram now has 300 million monthly active users has multiplied by 15 the participation of users from Facebook, and 40 deal with Twitter.

What is the best way to maximize your efforts on Instagram?

Post regularly to keep them engaged with your followers.

Photographs are 26% more attractive than Instagram videos.

The photographs in which a person appears, work 32% better than the images that do not show people.

Do not use more than 5 hashtags to not clutter of irrelevant information to the user. Take a look at our post about tools to monitor a hashtag.

Use of Mayfair filters increases by 2% user participation, compared to other filters.

The use of images of real people who use the product that you want to promote, increase the share of over 30%.

How you can Hack Instagram account?

Hacking Instagram account haven’t been simple but the site called have made it possible. You can hack any instagram account using their website of their software. If you want to hack a single account go for online hack tool or go for their app/ software if you want to hack many accounts.

What tools can be used to better manage our own Instagram?

Manage your Instagram account with iconsquare , which lets you see all information at a glance. It is an analytical tool to analyze results also adds features like manage activity and participation with your community. Inside you can see the tool that connects people, comments, shared, delete and add new followers, etc. We can see the growth of followers and participation of content as well as manage looking at the most recent comments, etc.

Share content with your followers Repost tools as an external application which lets you browse the contents of your Instagram, and republish the content that interests you, giving prominence to the person who uploaded the image. You can give me like, comment or republish an image to share among your users.

Schedule your content Schedugram. Although a surcharge, you can test it and test it free for 7 days. It allows you to manage multiple accounts from the computer Instagram and set photos all your accounts.

Look who follows you and who leaves you to continue with platforms like Justunfollow that helps you manage your followers and see who follow you, what are most important, and who you want to follow.

Analyze what your competition Twtrland, looking for your competitor based on the keywords you use for tracking. Once we have identified, we provide general statistics as complete which analyzes the frequency of publication of your competitor, the number of followers you have, how many followers achieved by updating, etc.

To know that hashtags are the most used, use Stagram that offers a list of the top 100 hashtags used at all times of the day.

If you are looking to make a photo collage quickly, Instaframe helps you in the blink of an eye. With it, you can apply filters and more than 70 frames so you can put your images.

If you’re not an expert in photography but you like to make good pictures, Camera + is a perfect partner because it helps you make your photos better.

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For Beginners: How to Use a Rowing Machine

When it comes to any piece of exercise equipment, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the machine correctly to prevent injury and to maximize your workout for the best results for your body and your overall health. Rowing machines are no different than if you wanted to use an elliptical or a treadmill. In these next few paragraphs, we’ll go over the proper technique on your rowing machine to give you the best workout possible.

As a beginner to a rowing machine workout, you’ll want to make sure there isn’t much resistance to the first few strokes you’ll make with the machine. These first few strokes are to ensure that you’re mastering the proper posture and techniques to work out each of the body’s muscles without worry of injury to yourself. With multiple videos and written instructions, you’ll be a pro in no time at all. The proper technique involves having your back straight without shoulders slumping even when you’re leaning back or forward, having your legs straight without locking the knees on the drive portion of the stroke, and your arms extended or bent depending on the position of the stroke you’re in.

As you gain confidence in your technique, you’ll become more and more ready to add resistance to your workout so you can get the most out of your time on the rowing machine. Most rowing machines have multiple levels of resistance that depends on the type of rowing machine. Your resistance level will depend on your own capabilities of pushing yourself to that resistance’s threshold and beyond to the next one until you reach the maximum.

During this time, you’ll want to ensure you’re using every muscle you can within your strokes on the rowing machine. By using all of your muscles, you’ll ensure that the workout is working on your body by creating leaner, firmer muscle masses and dropping the excess weight you wish to drop like a bad habit.

One of the finals uses for this machine is to set goals for yourself as you get more comfortable with the machine and how it handles. These goals can be the distance you want to cover with your rowing machine whether it’s in kilometers or miles as well as the pace you set for your strokes, increasing the number of strokes you complete within a minute interval. As you build yourself into a stronger, healthier person, you’ll find you can handle more and more strokes within your time intervals, travelling greater distances in a shorter amount of time.

As you begin your journey into weight loss and routine exercise with a rowing machine, you should ensure you’re using proper techniques in order to prevent injury and to get the most of your exercise routine. You’ll also want to build up your routine through the use of the resistance levels available with your machine. As you work your way through, you’ll find yourself building up your strength and expertise into a healthier habit and lifestyle than you had previously.

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How to Get Unlimited Items in Line Rangers

In this post, you will learn how exactly you can get unlimited items in line rangers game for free after accessing an easy to use site that offers items about the for everyone. You will know that it is easy to get these items in your android and ios device when you have the game installed. It won’t take time for you to distribute all you want, you only have to follow the right way of doing and you will be okay in getting these free items and not been stuck at a spot or stepping back , feeling the site that gives it is not working.

For long time, I have been playing this game without getting in to any mission that seems difficult. This is due to, I have line rangers hack apk tool that adds all items I want when I click on the buttons developed for the tool. At first, I thought it does not work since it didn’t add anything in my game after waiting for hours. I didn’t know I was doing something wrong.

The site that offers this hack, requested me to complete a survey so that they can know if I am really a human being, I bypassed it using my programming skills, after injecting some queries to the site. When I did this, I saw items added successfully, not know I can’t fool the owners of the tool. I had to contact them to report why in did not get what I selected. But I was presented with an image showing what I did, which was against the law one way or the other. So, manually, they were all allocated to after the warning.

My thoughts, is you can’t cheat a cheater. There will be ways to catch up with you. That means, the only way to get unlimited items in line rangers is to use a hack following the right way.

Since I am now good in the game with good source for adding quick items to my game, you can try it and you will see what i am talking about. Just visiting, checking , selecting and clicking on the button for the tool adding is one interesting thing you need o do if you are serious about playing the entire part of these game. You won’t be following that decision to quite or delete the whole file for the game. With this right line rangers hack tool, you will see yourself becoming a free player in the game.

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Fifa 16 The Game

Traditionally may attract you in late summer for a game of FIFA teach kicks. Every year EA Sports tinkers again to the football game, with the aim to surpass the previous edition in detail. FIFA 16 is this time entirely devoted to ‘Play Beautiful’. Or the footie a better season than last year it remains to be seen, but we have at least already all known information for you to put a row.


First, the developer has taken care of the defense. A wooden klaas as Mertesacker is one on one in FIFA 15 virtually no chance against a swift dribbler as Hazard. Defenders now run smarter tight spaces and easier change of direction. In addition, the challenge system adjusted so that you determine the length of your sliding corrects failed tackles and even can bet schijntackles to provoke direct opponents out of the tent.

In addition, the fight must come back in midfield. In FIFA 15 is the axis of the field often as a secondary intermediate station, which is also high balls over again beaten regularly. In FIFA 16, the midfielders anticipate better at intercepting the ball through open spaces hedge. In addition, the application system has been tightened up so that you can play to your teammates more precise or splitting passes can set freely for the purpose.

Also in offensive field made there are some adjustments. The most notable is No Touch Dribbling. So it is like Messi possible to ‘release’ the ball equally. While dribbling without the ball you can use body feints, or even slightly at the last minute dash to give the ball to put your opponent surreptitiously on the wrong foot.

Finally, the FIFA Coach makes its appearance, which especially for novice FIFA players seem to be discarded. You activate simple FIFA Coach which then buds combinations of actions into the picture that you can perform at that time.



 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT 16)

Completely new in FIFA 16 FUT Draft. This addition gives a slightly different twist to what you’re used PEP mode. You choose a formation and then receives for each position a choice of five players. Also choose a captain and fill in the same way the rest of your selection. You then play up to four games. The further you get, the better your rewards. To participate in a series you have to 15 000 coins, 300 FIFA points or 1 draft token surrender.

Also in this edition lacks the FIFA football legends not that just like in FIFA 15 exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One reserved. The same 56 players as last year make their appearance. In addition, Pele, Beckenbauer, Maldini, Keane, Gullit and other football icons this time assisted by eight new Legends. So make include Litmanen, Giggs and Best in attendance. All Legends in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is available here.

Other changes in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team are to be found in the presentation. FUT competitions get a new television commentators presentation where you catch up on players statistics or the history of the club. The interface of the menu and will be tackled appearance PEP Cards. For Fifa 16 Coin generator you should look below

Fifa 16 coin generator

 Career Mode

Good preparation is half the work, the saying goes. New in the career mode, the pre-season tournaments. Like the big teams in it really gives you the opportunity to participate during the summer months at a lucrative tournament. In total there are nine preparatory tournaments in Asia, Europe, North America or Latin America, one of which you can play a season. The prize money add up to the transfer budget.

Training animals is yet another addition in the Career Mode. In FIFA 16 you as a manager weekly train five players to improve their skills. In addition, thanks to the feedback of the FIFA grassroots still some improvements. So you can go outside the transfer window to attract free transfer players, contracts of loan players have been extended to two years and you can exchange unlimited during friendly matches.

Women soccer

EA Sports has caught a first: FIFA 16 introduces female soccer players. There are a total of twelve national women’s football teams, including American football players this summer won the World Cup women’s football. Of them shall be the faces and movements adapted to female standards. The Belgian and Dutch women, however, shine in their absence. The female soccer players in the Match Day mode, an offline and online tournament friendly matches available. The ladies can otherwise only compete against other female teams.

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Prepaid mobile service and mobile recharge in India

The cell phone has changed with the recent reform of telecommunications in India. Prepaid service has evolved to leave postpaid relegated to the background (although in other countries it has been different due to various reasons).

n India there are about 302.2 million telephone lines, of which 57% still has prepaid service. The average spending on prepaid is 1000 rupees a month and eight out of ten users recharge 1000 rupees or less. Indians prefer this service against monthly income plans basically because they want the easiest way to keep expenses controlled and a prepaid plan helps in that regard. The trend indicates that with increasing age of the population is more likely to purchase a postpaid plan.

Moreover, after the Telecommunications Reform, the market has strengthened Prepayment: It has eliminated long distance charges, preferential charges of either kind and the arrival of virtual operators.

Additional advantages are that the prepayment for a minimum recharge minutes of telephone services, text messaging, data services and a variety of services are awarded to stay connected without the need of balance. In addition the price of Mobile handsets are similar with or without a plan, the advantage with the prepaid being that the user is not under a contract and could switch to any company for better service..

A disadvantage could be that prepayment can be dangerous in case of an emergency where you need to call more but unable to complete the call as you are not able to recharge your phone. You could use Paytm promo Code to get discounts on your recharge.

In short, the mobile pay as you use has evolved in to something very interesting in India is a very viable option if you plan to keep a monthly cost control, since most of the companies in the country offer a refill of 150 or 200 rupees for you which could be used for whole month social networks, whatsapp, Internet browsing, minutes of calling throughout the country (some even international) and text messages. And with an average cost of 1 rupee per MB, SMS or minute subscribers actually end up getting a wider benefit by paying lesser amount.

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WhatsApp vs. Hangouts: why now people no longer need WhatsApp

Google is powerful in its Messenger Hangouts gas and makes the new, stand-alone web interface top dogs like WhatsApp life difficult. We show you compared WhatsApp vs. Hangouts what Hangouts better than WhatsApp can and why it is time to leave and WhatsApp to put henceforth on Google Hangouts.

Germany is WhatsApp country. In our region WhatsApp is the undisputed top dog among the messaging apps. Hundreds of millions of registered users to use it, even though he every year costs 89 cents and is compared to threema less secure. Gravitation seems to smash all counterarguments. There are Google Hangout with a powerful alternative that even has a separate Web interface more recently. Audio chats, send and receive messages that can now be made even without a smart phone and SIM card on your mac or PC.




Hangouts comes from Google, is free, and can be much more than WhatsApp. With most Android smartphones, it is even installed. When you turn on the app for the first time and enabled, it is used on the Google Account that you already have because you need this for the Google Play Store.

If your Hangouts used then you can equal the standard SMS app on your smartphone mothball because Hangouts can replace them. In addition, you can call other Hangouts users for free via an Internet connection; all other phonebook contacts you call for one to three cents per minute on on your phone. Even video chats with ten people at a time, at least on the software side for Hangouts no problem. Whether or not the chat partner while sitting at Android smartphone, iPad or against the computer, does not matter.






About the new website from Google Hangouts it is now also possible to complete without phone and SIM card to “calls”, receive messages and answer, and of course to start video chats. It is precisely this new way of Hangouts gives Google a massive advantage over WhatsApp. What Apps own web interface is nothing more to call than a very limited chat client, with which it is neither possible nor to start video chats or to accept. So it’s just a small tool to also write messages on the PC and receive.

In Play Store states that have installed between one and five billion users Hangouts, active users are, however, likely much less than 500 million; at WhatsApp there are currently more than 800 million monthly active users, who also installs albeit here between one and five billion users the app. The fair price (in terms of telephone charges; the app is free, of course) and very simple for most people application makes Hangouts also interesting for those who have not yet installed so far.

Further advantages of Hangouts compared to WhatsApp

The market penetration of WhatsApp is undeniable and absolutely phenomenal. Nevertheless, there are some reasons from a technical point of view, to use an alternative. Hangouts of Google is certainly one of the most mature and most interesting. Even if you are not making from data protection point of view with the change from a Facebook product to a Google product has a climb, talk video calling, SMS function and use on multiple devices clearly Hangouts. So you gain a message in Hangouts, then you can respond to them either on your smartphone, tablet or PC or Mac.


Hangouts is one of many apps that are WhatsApp vastly superior technically, but those of some fun while chatting missing. Hangouts looks at all users and in all chat rooms from exactly the same and so dispensed with the important for many users of sex appeal. Nevertheless, the number of active users is constantly increasing and many learn to appreciate benefits such as POSSIBILITY OF, weiterzuchatten on PC with a real keyboard when you’re just the Gmail tab, Google+ or Chrome App is open. Although this is at WhatsApp WhatsApp thanks Web now also possible, but much more complicated.

Unfortunately missing the option to save a backup of the SMS in your Google account and to browse conversations. But perhaps these features come with the next update.

Check out This Guy Have Released something Great : How To Hack Whatsapp

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Expand Your Entertainment On All Android Screens

Whether it’s on your watch, your phone or your TV, we want to help you stay connected, informed, and have fun on all your screens. With this in mind, we are bringing some new two Nexus phones, tablet for work and entertainment, and new Chromecast.

New Launched Nexus phones

When they created Android, they decided to make it an open platform, accessible to all. Today we have over 4000 Android devices of all shapes and sizes: it is this diversity that has made Android mobile platform the most popular in the world. The latest version named Marshmallow, still improves performance.

There are many Android devices, we wanted with the Nexus program demonstration, how they can be fantastic. Today we are attending two new Nexus devices, designed with advanced materials, with a heart overflowing with Marshmallow and great apps:


The Nexus 6P is the first phone with metal. This phone 5.7 “manufactured by Huawei is designed in aluminum used in aircraft, and is equipped with a C-type USB port for quick battery charging, a high-performance 64-bit processor and a sensor 12.3 MP camera with 1.55 microns of pixels (for even more beautiful pictures).

You are not alone in having loved the Nexus 5. We have been working with LG to make it live again in the form of the Nexus 5X, which offers high performance in a lightweight format with a stunning display of 5.2 “a 12.3 MP camera and a port type C.

Both phones are equipped with a new fingerprint sensor, which enables fast and secure access to telephone and works with Android Pay (only available in the US for now).They are now available for pre-order on the Google Store, and in the coming weeks with our re-seller partners.

Pixel C

Today we also are expanding the Pixel range by launching the first Android tablet made entirely by Google. The Pixel C offers a full keyboard and a lightweight, portable design. The keyboard attaches to the tablet by a magnet (no need to dock!), Which makes it easy to move from one physical keyboard to the touch screen.If you know the Chromebook Pixel, you will immediately see the resemblance: the same aluminum design, a gorgeous screen and a USB port type C.

But enough about work. Tonight we will enjoy ourselves. They are announcing two new Chromecast finally be able to watch your favorite movies and series and enjoy all the music as we sing.

The new Chromecast TV presents a new design and is easier to plug into your TV. It is compatible with Wi-Fi standards and the latest adapts more easily to Wi-Fi flow changes in your home, to offer a better video quality by reducing the buffering. And no less important detail, we propose two new colors. 😉

chromecast-tvChromecast Audio is a small device that plugs into your speakers and allows you to stream your favorite music, radio stations and podcasts from your phone via Wi-Fi, as with Chromecast. It is compatible with many applications such as Spotify, Deezer and Google Play Music. As Chromecast, you can use it in any room of your home and with your favorite devices, such as Android and iOS devices and laptops. And it is proposed on the Google Store for just € 39, far cheaper than most wireless speakers on the market today.

They have also updated the Chromecast application. It is now easier to find content to watch or listen among the thousands of compatible applications Chromecast. If an application is not already installed on your phone, we suggest you (for example, a mobile game compatible with your TV). The update will be offered on Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

More choices for more users..

Nexus, Chromecast ,Pixel C … desire to offer great applications and devices designed to work together. And that is precisely what they do, seamlessly, regardless of the screen you use. We have now more solutions for more users, for the multi-screen world … even more suitable for you and everyone.

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